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This blog exists only as an archive. It is a journal that serves as a window into my life as a Marine combat veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; it was written with no filter, no politics and no agenda. Please feel free to follow my journey from beginning to end. Welcome to my life.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gym Time- Not in the Battle Plan

Today was supposed to be a BIG day in the gym. Me, Muir and Roberts had been talking about it for a few days. It was our last Bench Press day of our bulking cycle. Five sets of three...HUGE. Muir was gonna throw around 275 lbs like it was cool, I was gonna try and hit 340. We did an op today where we were sitting in a humvee for about 5 hours. It was all we could talk about. How much we were going to do, how it was the culmination of 12 weeks of lifting, how we were gonna get HUGE (that's right, ALL CAPS). Heck, if we had shot someone, we probably would have benched a small bus.

Well apparently our lifting schedule didn't fit in America's schedule for winning the war, because they decided to push us back out on patrol, and we're gonna have to reschedule getting huge for tomorrow. I'm not sure I can get myself mentally ready again like I was today, but I'm gonna try.

The thing is, you can't reschedule HUGENESS.


  1. 275, what is that, ounces?grams? couldn't possibly be lbs.... haha- i'll be back in the gym come June or so, so you'll hve to send me a program to re-start my HUGEness...later ya big dork

  2. 340 pounds?? thats nothing...orlando can throw up like 500 minimum. -- beez

  3. Hi Jake,
    this is Chris from the UK.
    Your blog is fascinating, I just hope Bush spends an eternity in the Hell you have found because of his greed.

    May God remain with you.