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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well the Wisconsin Spring Game was today, or yesterday. I am actually having a momentary blank on what day it is. Either way, I'm sure the Badgers revealed all the tools that they are going to use in their glorious pursuit of next year's National Title.

Man the memories. The spring game used to be my most impressive playing time! I wonder if there is still time to trade in boots for cleats....

Next up is the NFL draft next weekend. And my cousin Tony's wedding. Don't ask me how that scheduling mistake was made. Just kidding Tony, wish I could be there with the rest of the Wood clan.


  1. Wasn't Sarahs wedding on that same week-end a few years back? Seems to me I remember all the guys around the boobtube that day. Is this going to be a tradition?

  2. ohhh....sarah and ryan's wedding was soo much fun!!!