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Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Welcome April

Funny "Darwin Awards" story from last night. One of our platoons was on its way back to base when they had an explosion rock their brains from a decent distance away. Not really knowing what it was, they navigated their way in the direction of the blast and found a car completely bombed out. Turns out that some insurgent was trying to bury a couple of artillery rounds in the road for us, but forgot that he had armed it or something. We really don't know how many of them died in the blast, we aren't sure if we found all the arms and legs. King of hard to get a count when you have 1 arm, 3 legs and 28 fingers or whatever it may have been. Jokes on you Ahmed, Happy April Fools.


  1. Jake,

    I know some friends of yours from Wandos in Madison incl Kevan Braakee. I write for the military blog Blackfive.net as Uncle Jimbo and Kev and I do a show from Wando's every Wednesday i.e. tonight which Bacardi sponsors. I will send you a link once this week's show is up.

    Blue Skies in Iraq dude.


    Uncle J

    Jim Hanson

  2. oh shit. hey im just some random dude reading ur blog, i got it out of the daily news this morning (may 28, 07) i was reading a lot of posts, they're good, and this one just had me rolling on the floor. the very last line killed me man. oh shit. your halarious. be safe out there man, im prayin for you guys