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Friday, March 30, 2007


- Iran needs to watch itself. British Royal Marines aren't too different from us. I dare you to nab 15 Americans.

- I found out who started the war. The Girl Scouts of America. They are making a killing off this thing in cookie sales. Guys can't even give them away over here.

- I had the worst April Fool's joke played on me. I woke up and I was still in Iraq.

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  1. We have an interesting history of American hostages AND THE US MARINES in the middle east. Took this from a talk show transcript:

    Michael Oren author of “Power, Faith and Fantasy” (America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present)

    America’s first foreign war was in the Middle East. America’s longest foreign engagement was in the Middle East, the Barbary Wars, which began literally on the day that America achieved its independence in 1776, when American commerce was no longer protected by the British navy, and American commerce to the Middle East, which was vital for America’s economy, about 20% of America’s exports went to the Middle East, was being attacked by the so-called Barbary pirates, pirates that were basically state sponsored by the Barbary states of what is today Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. And America had no means of fighting back against these pirates. The thirteen states were loosely confederated, there was no central government, no Constitution, no means of creating a navy, and America didn’t have a navy. So the first question the United States had to ask, or these thirteen states, the United States back then was a plural noun, they had to ask themselves whether they were going to unite and fight back against this Middle Eastern threat, or whether they were going to honor the, or follow the age old European practice of paying off the pirates.

    Thomas Jefferson went to the Europeans and asked them to form a coalition against the Middle East, and the Europeans turned them down, especially the French. (The more things change, the more they stay the same. The Europeans paid off the pirates, and we fought them.)

    The Continental Congress sent Jefferson over to meet with the emissary of what is today Libya, a guy named Abdul Rahman in March of 1785. and Jefferson said to Abdul Rahman, the American people don’t want war in the Middle East, we just want peace with you, and Rahman turned to Jefferson and said no, we want war with you. We have a holy book. It’s called the Koran, and it tells us that we have to wage holy war against all infidel states. The United States is an infidel state, we’re going to enslave you, and the holy book also says that if we die in the course of conducting this war, that our soldiers will go to Heaven. And Jefferson quotes this verbatim in his report to Congress. (Sound familiar?)

    About 20% of America’s commerce was going to the Middle East, so it was actually vital for America’s survival, we had a very fragile economy back then, and they were taking the cargoes, and they were enslaving the crews. And at the time of the Continental Congress, in May of 1787, there were 127 American sailors who had been enslaved by these Barbary states. America was facing its first hostage crisis in 1787, in the Middle East. And we had no means of redeeming them.

    All together several hundred were taken prisoner. In 1801, when America lost a battleship in Tripoli Harbor, the USS Philadelphia, over 300 American sailors were kept hostage.
    In 1805, after Jefferson became president, nine Marines and 250 mercenaries marched 500 miles across the Libyan desert to attack Tripoli from behind.

    That’s where the shores of Tripoli line comes in the Marine anthem.

    And it wasn’t until 1815, until Stephen Decatur, the commodore for whom about 20 cities are named in this nation, sailed a fleet into the Barbary Coast ports, and literally forced them at cannon point to sign a surrender.

    A side note on Jefferson’s Koran:
    America’s first Muslim Congressman, Ellison, swore in over it, because (the Jefferson Koran) found in Jefferson’s library, was the translation made by an English lawyer named George Sales in 1734. I’m sure nobody opened up this Koran before this gentleman swore on it, because the introduction states, George Sales says that I am translating the Koran so that good Christians will know their Muslim enemies, and can better defeat them.