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This blog exists only as an archive. It is a journal that serves as a window into my life as a Marine combat veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; it was written with no filter, no politics and no agenda. Please feel free to follow my journey from beginning to end. Welcome to my life.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Not too much new over here. We went out for about a 9 hour foot patrol last night. It didn't start out to well. We got inserted by another platoon, and as we were dismounting the vehicles, one of the other team leaders comes up to me with some copper wire. Copper wire is what the insurgents use to command detonate their bombs, so whenever we see it, we pretty much know one is nearby. Well, Roberts, the guy that was showing it to me, loves his pranks, so at first i thought he was just joking around. He finally convinced me that his vehicle had parked right on top of the wire. We immediately started moving vehicles and finding cover. A few minutes later we convinced ourselves that no one was watching us waiting to push a button, so we came out and I was the poor unlucky one who started following the wire. We followed it into an open field for about 800 meters, until it finally stopped at a detonator switch. Everything turned out okay, but just seemed like a bad way to start a long patrol. The rest of the patrol was pretty uneventful, until one of the guys in my squad got attacked by a rabid dog and he had to shoot him. That's one of the things about Iraq. There are dogs everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You can't walk 20 feet without having a wild pack of dogs around you. None of them are pets, and ALL of them are rabid.

I've been getting alot of care packages from everyone. Thank you very much. A lot of the stuff is for the kids, and its a good feeling to hand it out to them. Almost all of the time they take it and cant get the smile off their face. Sometimes the adults will take whatever it is from them and look at us suspiciously until we leave. Either way, its probably worth the effort.

There are some things I am really starting to miss. Like showers. I actually don't remember the last time I took one. The only saving grace is that everyone smells the same, and we still all smell better then the Iraqis. How about flushing toilets? I haven't used one of those in a month. I will never fear a port-a-potty again. Brushing your teeth in a sink. Changing socks. Not wearing the same flight suit for 3 straight weeks. Being able to sleep at night. Not having to eat chow with a rifle between my legs. That's a biggie. We got a big upgrade when two people moved out of our room. Now I share it with 8, but its still the size of the room I had in college all to myself.

Howie's memorial is in 2 days. Everyone is ready for that to come. We patrolled past near where we got hit that night. Brought back some weird feelings. You look at all the houses in the vicinity and try to discern which one was responsible, but its so hard to know because you really have to catch them in the act. We'll get them though. We still have 6 months to find them.

One more thing. Badgers are going to win the Final Four. Period. End of questions.

Until next time.


    >There are dogs everywhere. >EVERYWHERE. You can't walk 20 >feet without having a wild pack >of dogs around you. None of them >are pets, and ALL of them are >rabid.

    What is wrong with you!!!???? Not all the dogs in Iraq are rabid, if that were the case the dog's would not be alive to be everywhere! EDUCATE yourself on what rabies REALLY IS, just because a dog barks or charges at you does not mean it is RABID!!!!!

  2. better safe than sorry...stay away from those dogs

  3. WOW! Commentator # 1 needs to chill out. I wonder if Jake has the time or inclination to seek out the local library to find a book on How to tell if a Dog is Rabid?

  4. Listen whoever cocksucker number one is needs to shut the fuck up. Just because you can sit in your cushy house and look up rabid dogs on the internet does not mean you can make a smart ass comment. Why dont you get your fat ass off of your computer and go try and protect our country. thanks jake 206 wild turk for life.

  5. Jake,
    Just to be safe, I suggest that any dog that comes at you with the appearances of hostily you immediately innoculate it with 5.56mm FMJ. BTW, I dont know who is showing poorer judgement, poster #1 or #4.

  6. Seriously...person number one, get a freaking grip. That really pisses me off. Do you even know Jake? If not, stay the hell of his blog. If you do, get a freaking grip. Love you Jake!