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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blood Striping

So I'm going to give you all a little history lesson on the Marine Corps. Marines take great pride in their uniform, especially their dress blues. Everybody that has ever joined the Marines joined because they saw those awful commercials when they were young of some dude running through Pan's Labrynth and then slaying some stupid dragon with a sword and then...poof...he's wearing dress blues.

Well everything on the uniform has some historical significance, right down to the number of buttons on the blouse. One of these things is the red stripe worn down the pant leg of all Non-Commissioned Officers and above. This red stripe is called a blood stripe, and is worn to signify the enormous number of NCO's and above that were slain in battle at the battle of Chapultepec.

So I just became an NCO. But I had to 'earn' my blood stripe. That means that anyone NCO and above that has seen me the last two days has tackled me and beaten my legs senseless. It's a little 'tradition'. It's actually pretty funny, but I am walking like a 95 year old man. I guess its better than when they used to take a board lined with nails, put it up against your legs and take turns smacking it, literally giving you a blood stripe. Maybe I should stop complaining.


  1. "It's a little 'tradition'. It's actually pretty funny" hmmmm...okey dokey if you say so. ( must be sumpthin' n da water)

  2. Jake,
    You Marines are some weird ducks. But we all sleep better at night knowing that you and the rest of the Corps are what you are.

    "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a
    difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem."
    [Ronald Reagan, U.S. President; 1985]

  3. kind of reminds me of putting holes in the basement walls playing football.know that nancy and i pray for you --nancy 2-3 times a day..i am in awe of you mr. jake you are what i want to be someday..

  4. This is still going on?? I thought they outlawed it in the 90's when I was with the Marines! Some one needs to wake the fuck up because no Marine needs to go through this type of abuse, especially by fellow Marines!!

    a hazing ritual performed on you "doesn't make you hard, it makes you stupid."

    (MCO) 1700.28A -- HAZING

    You should of been in service during Tailhook, that was when all of the enlisted Navy and Marines got in trouble because of a bunch of pilots in Vegas!!

    1. Dude you need to chill. Everything we do and every thing we are has to do with tradition. I earned my blood stripe with 81s 2/4 and all of weapons company. We set up the gauntlet and we had to go down and back through about 15-20 ncos and sncos I'd do it all over again. If you wanted kinder and gentler...the girl scouts are hiring