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Monday, January 08, 2007

Home Stretch

Well, I'm back in California now. That whole two week pre-deployment thing made me feel like I was back in college on a winter break...but now I'm in 29 Palms, and it's definitely not winter here.

I got a chance to head out to LA again this weekend. Big surprise huh? Only two more weekends like that left before I have to head out, the countdown is really starting to wind down. It was a good weekend though and I definitely made the most of it. Friday and Saturday we're both Union nights, although none of them were supposed to be when the night began. Sunday was an all out NFL playoff/Sunday Funday with the guys from Manhattan. Naturally they lost a lot of money on Bodog.com betting, so they tried parlaying it into a LA Lakers game. Turned into a looooong night for me.

The whole Iraq thing is really starting to materialize right in my face. Today we had our first gear inspection for what we'll be taking overseas. A) half the stuff on the gear list is not necessary B) most everything that's not necessary is not provided C) we still have to go pay out of pocket for the stuff. I'm talking about really dumb stuff. - (1) bag of clothes pins, (2) washcloths, (1) whistle, (1) sewing kit. CLOTHES PINS. Are the kidding me? Why? So I can hang up my wash? A WHISTLE? What century is this? I need a whistle in a day and age when I also carry a radio that communicates with planes in the air, night vision goggles, a gps, but I'm gonna have a whistle on me just in case Muhammed double dribbles. And then the Government won't buy it for me. Washcloths, hmmm, I won't have running water at my base camp, and honestly, I don't plan on showering all that often anyway. But Uncle Sam demands that I have two of just in case I run into a Bath and Body Works.

That's it for now. San Diego next weekend, and back in LA the weekend after that. Let me know if you're around.

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  1. San Diego next weekend??? what are you doing in San Diego?????