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Friday, December 08, 2006

Folwell Does Diego

l to r: Dave, Hunt, Me, totally sober.

Last weekend one of my best friends, Dave Folwell, a guy I have known for a long time, was in San Diego on business. He was attending some conference that was going to make him even more of a hot shot in his company back in Washington DC. That's the not so exciting news though. The best part is that my buddy Hunt and I made the drive down the 215 and met up with him for a weekend of sober fun, minus the sober part.

Hunt and I rolled into San Diego's downtown around 4 in the afternoon. I called Dave to let him know we were there, and he said that he still had to take a certification test and it was going to last him about an hour. So I told him to call me, and that Hunt and I would find a bar to shoot some billiards at while we waited. Not more than 15 minutes later, Dave calls back and says that he's already done with the test...beer in hand ten minutes after that.

Later that night we headed out for some dinner, got some Mexican and the requisite jumbo margaritas. We then began a randomized pub crawl up and down the Gaslamp District, hitting up Rock Bottom Brewery, Gaslamp Tavern, Whiskey Girl, Heat and ending up eventually at Maloney's. At Maloney's we started partying it up with some crazy British Royal Air Force guys who were over here training on the C130 Hercules. Note to self: Never again call an English born German guy a dumb Kraut. There was also the large group of 35-40 year old women that these RAF guys were hitting on. All in all a fun night. Things got a little weird when Dave disappeared and sent a text message reading: "Hope you guys are okay, I'm in Tiajuana". That guy is a legend.

The next day we stopped by the San Diego recruit depot, where Hunt and I went to bootcamp. We thought it would be funny to show Dave what it was all like. While we were there, I actually ran into my old Senior Drill Instructor, Staff Sergeant Barrett. Complete stud. Talked to him for a while, which was pretty neat. We then went and crashed at our hotel room for a few hours before we hit up the Pacific Beach district. After getting some sushi, it was time to roll, and the $1.50 pints of Blue Moon at PB Bar and Grill was a perfect transition. I really don't remember much more of that night until Dave and I ended up at a burrito joint at 3 am.

At 6 am, an alarm started ringing and Dave had to stumble to the airport, where he discovered that he had left his tab open at the bar the night before, with his credit card and DRIVER'S LICENSE. Kinda hard to fly without one of them. But he made it.

Overall grade: A

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