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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Showdown '06

Wow. Feel free to read the write up on ESPN about the annual Thanksgiving Showdown I played in this Thanksgiving weekend with my friends from LA. This was the 6th annual game, played between my buddy Joe's high school class of '97 and his brother Mike's class of '00. I was asked to play on the '97 team as a free agent pick up, of which each team is allowed 3.

The '97 team entered the game down 3-2 all time in the series, but we were coming off a stunning overtime victory in last year's game, so we felt we had momentum in our hands. We ended up winning the game 22-15, after dominating on both sides of the ball for both halves. I played on both the offensive and defensive lines, but I wish I could have made my presence more felt, but the day prior to the game, I sprained my ankle pretty bad, and I had to tape it up real tight and take a couple of "infantry cocktails" prior to the game just to play.

These guys take this game VERY seriously. Dell, who plays on the '97 team, has a brother who works for Fox Sports Net and the Best Damn Sports Show. He was kind enough to bring out two cameramen and a sideline reporter to work the game. His on the side production company, Dimes Production, is currently working on putting together the highlight film. In the meantime you can view the short version of the highlights on youtube.com, search for LCHS Thanksgiving football.

The post game party was probably the most anticipated part of all. It seemed like the entire high school class from both years showed up to suck down kegs purchased by the losing squad, and to witness the champaign shower that took place in the hot tub for the victors (yeah, 12 guys in a hot tub pouring champaigne on each other, I said it). I shouldn't even mention the drinking of Jaeger out of the traveling trophy.

Check out the highlights below...

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