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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rifle Requal

Well my rifle qualification score will no longer kill my awards and promotion chances. For those of you who don't know, I choked on qualification day at boot camp for the rifle range. I shot the lowest award, Marksman, and it cost me getting Company Honorman. Then I was put up for a meritorious promotion board recently to get Corporal, and was eliminated based on that same score.

Well, this last week I was given the chance to requalify on the range and I improved my score by 15 points, making Sharpshooter and only missing Expert by three points. Which I probably Should have had since I missed three shots outside the black from the 300 yard rapid fire, which I'm normally spot on at.

Bottom line is that this will probably help me get promoted within the next few months to Corporal, which is the first Noncommissioned Officer billet, and would provide for me the opportunity to take over my squad when my current squad leader leaves the Marine Corps halfway through our next deployment in January.

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  1. Way to go Jake! There was no doubt in our minds that you would do it!