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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last Push

In other news...

This is my last week before my batallion starts its Mojave Viper training package. Mojave Viper is a month long training event that every deploying Marine unit has to take part in before leaving for Iraq, and it takes place here in 29 Palms. Starting October 2 I will be completing it until November 2 (after which I will hopefully be going to the Wisconsin-Penn State game).

This is really the last thing that we are doing before we deploy to Iraq. It consists of multiple training evolutions that will test each company's readiness for different combat scenarios. Many of the things that we will be doing are things that we have already done and that I have written about on this site.

A whole month though...you know what that means? I have to miss four weekends of college football. This is like bootcamp all over again.

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