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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Catchin' Up

Sorry world, I know that you struggle to survive when I have a drought in my posting. But this time I can explain it, really, I can. You see, my battalion moved barracks a few weeks ago so I have had zero internet access. I know, I know, it's no excuse, but I beg your forgiveness.

Unfortunately I have to make this post short as well, I have a 4am wakeup tomorrow morning so I can go shoot grenade launchers and LAWs (light anti-tank weapon). Fun stuff, but in reality most of my day is going to be spent getting bbq'd under the desert sun.

What else have I been up to you ask? Well lets see, yesterday I had a very interesting class taught be an officer who has been an instructor at SERE school for the last ten years. Basically SERE is where we send all of our special forces to learn how to evade capture and resist interrogation/torture techniques. The class was about how we need to conduct ourselves in captivity in order to survive, but more importantly to not divulge information or statements harmful to our cause. Basically how to resist torture and interrogative questioning. The class was awesome because he was able to share a lot of classified information about what has happened in a lot of the hostage situations that have taken place in the last couple of years in Iraq, as well as some amazing stories of courage in POW camps in Vietnam.

I also got to play with tanks yesterday, kinda cool.

Today we had to go into the gas chamber. Hadn't done that since boot camp. It wasn't as bad as in boot camp, where it was one giant hazing festival. But it did remind me how much chemical gas sucks. And how you want to claw your eyes out when they make you take your mask off.

This past weekend I was in Hermosa Beach, no surprise there. They had this thing called 6 Man, which is just a giant beach volleyball tournament. There were about 40 courts going and about 15,000 people surrounding them pounding beer at the rapid rate. Don't let my mother know but I became intoxicated, but I rallied and managed to ride the bull at Union Cattle later that night.

Oh yeah, and the first night in Hermosa, we were coming home from the bars and decided to pull a palm tree out of the ground. Yeah, thats right. We then carried it home and put it in bed with one of the guys who had passed out. It's okay to laugh, it was hysterical.

Someone call me and remind me to post pics of all this crazy stuff.

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