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This blog exists only as an archive. It is a journal that serves as a window into my life as a Marine combat veteran serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; it was written with no filter, no politics and no agenda. Please feel free to follow my journey from beginning to end. Welcome to my life.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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  1. I am not surprised that someone who sees the war in Iraq as a religious struggle (we=good, they=evil) is in love with '24.' But why do people love a show which peddles the fiction that one can torture others and still maintain one's humanity? This is a fantasy, nothing more or less. The more one dehumanizes others -- always for "legitimate" reasons -- the more one dehumanizes oneself.

    This show is one more sign of the moral corruption of the United States under militaristic/religious values. The "war on terror" is nothing more than a domestic power grab and an attempt to eradicate civilized values such as reason, secularism, and caution. Our military "heroes" depracate such humanity. Torture and lack of due process are valorized as "macho" and "resolution." Have you ever thought that such things corrupt us as a people?

    Democracy forever.